Monday, April 5, 2010

Police cams?

Hmm.... Interesting story here. Police officers wearing cameras to record interactions and incidents.

Several questions come to mind.....

If they are filming us for evidence, can we film them for evidence?

Will the word of a police officer be believed if they 'forgot' to start the camera, or 'accidentally' erased the video?

What would it be like to work under cameras all day long... being judged on every word and action? I'm a teacher, and we work under the gun all day, every day. No cameras... yet. Put cameras on us, and the pressure would double. Now imagine being a police officer, and having a camera on you for a ten hour shift.

I've often thought a useful gadget would be a vehicle mounted flash memory camera system that recorded sight and sound in four directions on a two hour loop. Get pulled over, hit the button and save the hour before and after. Have an accident, jab the button and save the record. Wanna bet the 'authorities' would have a very loud issue with such a rig?

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Crucis said...

I have an acquaintance who actives the "movie" option on his phone anytime he has interaction with cops. (There are a LOT of DUI roadblocks around here and speed traps. KC needs the money.)

His phone has large memory storage. The picture is blank but the audio is clearly captured. All he needs to do to capture video is just take it out of his shirt pocket.

He's a bail-bondsman and does his every time he goes after a bail-runner.

Besides, what's good for the goose, is good for the gander. An attorney friend carries a voice-activated recorder on his belt. He carries it every day, every where.