Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday.... rambling Sunday


Went to the stock car races last night, as partner was racing. Princess went with.... but clearly it wasn't her choice of a great evening. Still, she troopered along and kept me company. It was her first race event.... We seem to be handing a lot of 'firsts' to each other. When worlds collide.

It was Looooong evening, but interesting. Many images were captured, and videos vid-ed. Enough to keep me working for some days (in my spare time).

Sadly, partner did not fare well. 18 laps into a 20 lap feature he got shoved into the guardrail. His steering box snapped internally.... end of racing for now. Shame... he was on track for a top ten.

(Partner has that whole 'Robert Redford' thing going, doesn't he?)

Once again, and it happens every time I go to the races, the 'official' track photographer came over and introduced himself. As usual, he asked what 'race magazine' I was shooting for. As usual... I explained I am but simple me, and represent no one.

I think it has to do with where I take photos from (Normally where he would like to be, only I got there first), and that my lens is usually not junk.

Today will be recovery time. Babe and I will spend a sweaty hour at the gym, and both of us need to study. Her, human interior stuff, and me.... algebra (ARRGGG). lunch at Wasabi, as I owe her something pleasant after she stuck with me through the red neck follies last night. (Actually... till the wee hours. We didn't cross threshold till long after midnight.)

Tonight, perhaps a fire outside and a cold lager. That sounds about right.

Nice day today... nice day.

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Crucis said...

Rambling? Surely you meant, "Rumbling!"