Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back from BLACKHAWK!

One handed shooting a 12 gauge boomer, with a Blackhawk Knoxx recoil reduction grip installed. The mechanism inside the grip pleased my picky mechanics soul, and it ate recoil like a 15 year old boy eats pizza. It vanishes like magic! Oh.... it was Todd Jarrett who loaded the shotgun and handed it to me, and he was too much a gentleman to laugh at my shooting.

We are home from the BLACKHAWK! event (Yes, that is how they write it..... don't ask). Later, when time permits, I have some comments to make about the days we spent looking over their products. Give me some time to digest the massive amount they dumped in our laps, but on the whole, I am impressed. Not, perhaps, for the reasons they intended initially, but favorably impressed nevertheless.

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