Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to reality, for a few days anyway.

The last few days visiting with the Blackhawk folks has been a whirlwind, and full of memorable moments. I get the impression they don't so much line up a great time for guests, as they simply open up their lives/company to outsiders for a while.

In any case.... whoof.... one tired fat old school teacher.

The time there with other bloggers (mostly commercial ones) did force me to face a question that's been lingering in the background. Should I take Carteach0 to the next level, or simply enjoy it as a pastime non-commercial hobby blog?

I asked the super-pro folks at Blackhawk.... why me? I'm just an old school teacher from Lancaster. Why was
I sitting at that conference table examining their products and asking my deep, probing questions (that was sarcasm, people). The simple answer.... Carteach0 has 30,000 hits a month, and a hefty percentage stop to read a while. The longer answer was much kinder, and involved my stellar good looks and exceptional shooting talents (More sarcasm, people... get used to it).

I am aware.... if I devote the time to write more, shoot more, and put some effort into the blog, Carteach0 readership jumps tremendously. The people are there, even if I don't always understand why.

So, the question... Do I invest the time? Do I begin accepting products to review, instead of turning them down as I always have? Do I spread my writing umbrella to cover more than just a few hours on my club range and the reloading bench in the shop?

The Blackhawk visit did manage to show me... there are pretty good people out there on the commercial end of this. Good folks, doing good work, and loving what they do.

Something to think about... once I am done with school this year. The answer may shape those summer weeks ahead.


Jay G said...

Heh. I'm probably the wrong guy to ask about accepting items for review... ;)

But hell yeah. Life is short. Screw the FTC...

Yabusame said...

So long as the reviews are honest, then I can't see a problem with it. Surely a company wants to know when they're failing as well as succeeding?

Whatever you do, keep up the good work. This UK-bound voyeur enjoys it immensely.

D.W. Drang said...

30,000 hits in a month. Oy. I've had just over 16,000 in two years. Half of em are me, and half the rest are Google--or end in .gov...