Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday morning...

It's a chilly morning, but blessedly the fire leaps to life on the hearth with a will. Another good weekend passed, after another good week, and one more good week ahead.

Last week we tested my little angels for their State Inspection licenses... the written testing, anyway. 75% of them passed both written tests. Some might think that wonderful, but I do not. Expected was better than 90%, as we drill hard for those tests, and make them child's play for any student who really wishes to make it.

Now, today begins the hands-on tactile portion of the test, and the hardest part. Here is where we separate those who will make a living in this industry, from those who just took our class. We normally have 68-70% passing both written and hands on, but that just isn't possible this year. We will be lucky to have 50%, especially considering a third of the class don't even have drivers licenses. No license, no tickey.

One third of our graduating seniors don't have drivers licenses, and don't seem real concerned about it. What the bleeping bleepidy bleep do they intend to do with their lives? Live on mommy and daddies couch for the next twenty years?

Sadly..... for some of them... that is exactly their plan.

On the other hand, the other 50% with drive.... may be the best class we have ever had. Smart, honest, hard working, and great character. Those boys..... those will do just fine in life.

Three and a half weeks left of school. Three weeks left with my boys.... and I am not sure how I feel about that. It's the same every year, I suppose. By years end my race is run, and I am tired to the bone. Ready to take it easy and be without students for a while. On the other hand, I've got to say goodbye to the boys, and most I will never see again except in passing.

Sure, some, a bunch really, will stop back often to say Hi and catch us up on their lives. Others, a few, I won't mind never seeing again. But.... that night, on stage, as we shake tehir hands and hand them their certificates.... that is a quiet time for me. After seeing these boys more in nine months than their parents have in several years, I have to say goodbye.

The sun rises to shine in the front windows now, and it's time to suit up for battle against the forces of ignorance and sloth..... and that's just what it takes to get myself out the door.

Ya'll have a good day my friends, and be of glad heart.

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