Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Went gun shop hopping........

Okay then, just one gun shop... but a very well stocked gun shop!

I was looking for a simple 12 gauge to shoot trap with, and maybe some bird hunting this fall. On the used rack I saw, in no particular order:
  • A Winchester 1200, modified barrel, hard pad.
  • An Ithica 37, 28 inch full choke barrel. No pad.
  • A Remington 870 express, rem choke, set up for an optical sight. Good pad.
  • A Winchester 1300, 28 inch winchoke, ribbed. Good pad.
  • A Marlin 1895, 30 inch modified (???) barrel. Yup, measured it. Pad? You nuts?
  • A Mossburg 500a 28 inch Accuchoke, ribbed with two beads. Good pad.
  • A Winchester model 12 30 inch full choke, no pad.
All were in reasonable used shape, and not abused. The Marlin had some heavy (and old) changes done to it's buttstock. All were priced decently for what each was, with a high of $390 on the Model 12 and a low of $169 on the Mossburg.

Guess which one came home with me?

I'll post it on Carteach0 after I shoot some trap with it.


JohnMXL said...

My first guess is the Mossburg, based on what you intend it for, although the 870 is a close second due to the flexibility of the platform and availability of accessories.

Hat Trick said...

I hope you got the Model 12. You could always have a recoil pad put on. I'm especially partial to them as I learned to wingshoot with my great-grandfather's Model 12. I find the action to be smoother on them than other pumps I've tried.