Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What is this old thing?

This piece of hardware fell out from under the cab of a 1950's truck being disassembled today in the shop. Here is what I know about it:

1) It is old
2) I don't know what it is
3) It looks interesting.

There you have it... an interesting old thing, and I don't know what it is. An unacceptable situation. Does anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Your whazit looks like a screw hanger for all thread rod or pipe. It is used to suspend piping or conduit from the ceiling.

Rev. Paul said...

I believe Anon is right - modern ones pictured on Google don't have the hole through the center, but are otherwise as yours is. Just shinier.

Ooh, shiny.

Jean said...

oh. I wuz gonna guess a thread tap.

Ted Amadeus said...

I was thinking along Jean's line...Would explain the hole in the middle for some species of torque bar.