Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wiley coyote, SUUUuuuuuuper Genius... ready to strike again

The liberal asshats in the New York legislature are working on a new 'millionaires' tax that will nail everybody making over 200K a year. Since those people are mostly small business folks, the idgits in New York are working hard to once again screw over the common working stiffs.

"Ur moneys is ours moneys, so shuts u mouths and pays u taxes"


Borepatch said...

I wonder how many people making public pensions will get hit with that?

t.kubic said...

Looks like more people will be moving to Texas, Tennessee & Florida.

Ted Amadeus said...

So, how are you a millionaire if you're making $200G/year? Socialist math, of course!
I truly hope America survives Omammunism.