Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A .22 Rimfire glock type pistol? (whispers....)

Might have something more about this in a week or two......

Word has come of a new .22 Rimfire pistol patterned after the Glock family of pistols, and.... maybe.... just maybe..... I might get one to test and review on Carteach0. MSRP under $400, and the market will likely drive that down a fair amount.

Glock owners have no really good way to do low cost rimfire training that matches their carry pistols. Advantage Arms makes a .22lr conversion for various Glocks, but they have all been listed as 'back-ordered' for a year or more. Aside from those (can you say 'hens teeth?)and a Ceiner conversion, there has been no other rimfire option for the Glock shooter.

Till.... maybe.... now.

I'll keep you all posted!!

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