Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Bit 'o this, bit 'o that...........

I presented today at the PA-CTEC conference, for the second day in a row. Today, despite being placed in the Room At The End Of The Universe, I had a standing room only crowd. In the bunch, two of my administrators (luckily good sports) and a room full of technical instructors. I talked to them about a teaching method I use, and they seemed pleased as punch. Laughs, happy talk, and applause.

Frightening moment.... some dude with the Dept of Ed walks up, hands me his card, and says he'll look me up when he's down to talk with our director, who's name he knew.

I'd give a healthy 'Gulp', but the reality is I'll forget him faster than he forgets me.

The late afternoon events at the conference had to go on without me, as I was found floating down the Pequea creek on an inner tube with some of the neighborhood kids. On the whole, I had more fun on the creek.

PayPal has managed to clear my good name, although they sent no notice of same. Suddenly my account works. They did have the most humongous testicles in the universe to send me an email today.... pushing their web site features. I'd tell them what I think, but I'm certain no one there cares.

Naturally I cleaned out my account within two minutes of seeing it operational again.

So, for now... a good day. I am satisfied. I represented my school and my profession in good manner, dealt with several nagging headache problems, had a good float down the creek, and finally...... the heat has broken. Seventies the rest of the week, with 60's at night. Ohhhh YEaaaaaaa..... I can handle that!

Just to ice the cake, the folks at ISSC Austria wrote and mentioned they are happy with my review, and are sending out a new product for me to look over.

THIS one has happiness written all over it......

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