Monday, June 28, 2010

Why I blog......


This morning I had cause to consider the question, if only for a brief moment. Why do I blog?

I began in this medium... what seems a lifetime ago. If you are so inclined (and so bored) you may dig back through the various blogs I have had, and their posts. With enough effort, my life can be reassembled post by post. They are out there, and I have left clues to finding them.

But.... why do I do this? The best reason I have, aside from 'I like to', is that I enjoy sharing life. Whether it be with someone close to me, or in truncated form here publicly, I relish the interaction with good people.

I am a loner in many ways, but I need the company of other people in my life. Blogging fills that niche nicely. I write with honesty, because that is how I am and how I roll. Some people are put off by that... so be it. Sadly, and unintentionally, some few people are hurt by that. Again, so be it. Pain is part of life, and I relish my life as I know it will be all too short. With passing years weighing heavily, I find the burden of obscuring myself too great. I'll be honest with what I write, and I know those who care about me can live with that.

Blogging has brought me into a community of people I enjoy and respect. It's changed my life, for the better. It's brought me love, pain, joy, and sadness. Blogging has expanded my life in many directions amongst my fellow humans, without contracting it in others.

So, I am a blogger. With ten readers, or ten hundred, it matters not. I throw part of my life open to the world, to share, and in return others share parts of theirs with me.

That is why I blog. To share the fine flavor of life.


Crucis said...

You and I are alike in so many ways. you also shoot better than I do.


Everett said...

What Crusis said. Plus, sad for you, it is amazing how much you and I look alike!! Facial hair the same, svelte girth, nice flowing mane of hirstuteness on the roof! Piercing and commanding eyes etc.etc.!! heh heh.