Friday, June 18, 2010

Everyday feels like Saturday! (all about ME stuff)

Being off 'For The Summer' can be a strange thing for a teacher. First of all, we are not 'Off'. There are always school-ish things we must do, classes we must take, and in my case presentations I must present. That means next week I will spend much of it IN school, working on stuff and helping out with a summer camp for kids.

But... this week was truly 'Off', as in there was very little on the schedule. I could relax and do whatever I wished.... which was plenty. Meet with the trainer for a workout plan, set up the reloading press and get it cranking, start some E-bay sales, organize the shop..... just scads of things to do.

Yet, with all that, every day this week has felt like Saturday!

Shooty goodness going on.....
  • ISSC is sending out an M22 pistol for me to review. It's a glock-like item in .22 rimfire. This will mark the very first time a company has sent me a firearm to test and review, and I am fairly psyched about it. One possible outcome.... I do a fair job and other companies want to do the same. That would be a metric ton of fun! Another possible outcome.... my internal honestly engine is connected directly to my big mouth (and fingers), so the review could turn out bad (if the pistol is), and it could be the last one I ever get to do.
  • Tomorrow I attend my very first three gun tactical match! Oh yea... heavily psyched up about that! I might be a poor contender, but that is shooting I can get into.
  • Next weekend, our clubs monthly steel match. Bang Clang Bang Clang all afternoon (GG).
Other stuff going on in life.....
  • Half way there to setting up a jewelers bench and making jewelry again. I just need a good torch and few other pieces of equipment. Not cheap stuff, so I have to shop used and space it out. Once I am set up and running, Princess can cut and polish the stones while I work the silver. I know the work will sell.... nearly everything I ever put in the cabinet at the store sold fast.
  • Looking at a few days away in the near future. Solid relax time with Princess, in a fun place, doing fun things. Only a few days, but they will be golden!
  • Doing the gym thing (ouch). Going every other day or so right now, hope to make that ever day pretty soon. Goal: Lose about 60 pounds while building stamina and energy. The nice trainer/torture lady ran me through using all the machines, what to do, how to do it, and where to throw up from the pain. The reality..... it feels pretty good. Sure, there are sore places, but after each workout I feel darn good.
  • Princess has been matting and framing some of my photographs. I knew some were half way decent, but when she is done they are a different act altogether. Between the two of us, nice things happen.

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