Thursday, June 17, 2010

Barry's golf game....

So many people seem to be upset over the Presidents predilection to golf. Look..... so what? He's played golf more times since the Gulf oil spill began than Bush II did the whole time he was in office. So... What?

The way I look at it.... the more time 'Ol Barry is whacking little balls around the lawn, the less time he is spending screwing up our economy and doing away with individual civil rights.

Play golf Barry! Play, my friend, PLAY!

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Bob said...

Ya know, I actually don't resent Obambi playing golf; if that's how he wants to spend his leisure time, more power to him. I think that President Bush made a mistake by letting the MSM force him to stop playing via critical stories; if he had ignored them and they had continued writing those stories, it would have been a much better example of bias when they ignored Obambi doing the same thing.