Saturday, June 12, 2010

Freedom notes, at random.....

Today begins my first day of Summer Semi-freedom. I have to say 'semi' as there is a to-do list, and it will grow. Some of the todo's are multi-day projects, and toss in a conference or two as well.

A few random notes......

It only takes one flying ant landing on you, and suddenly you feel like you are crawling with them. Find a few more on the floor, and suddenly you are willing to fill your environment with more deadly hazardous toxins than a North Korean dictator ever dreamed of.

Today I cut a check and mail it the IRS. I... Will.... Not.... Enjoy... This..... and I shall recall it with passion as I vote, and vote, and vote.

Today I go to the gym, and tomorrow, and every day after that if possible. Not to go nuts, but to slowly build the cardio stuff while I slowly disassemble about 80 pounds of fat. Wish me luck.

Last night I finished outfitting the 870 house gun with a Blackhawk folding stock and matching forearm. I hope to get to the range soon (today?!?) and spend some time investigating my ability to hit targets with a pistol grip shotgun. This should be interesting... if not embarrassing. Look for a Carteach0 post on the subject.

Ordering a 'belly-band' holster for Summer wear. I had one years ago, and got good use from it. They do wear out, eventually, and mine did after a few years. There are times I just can't wear something on my belt, and I don't have an LCP or Kel-Tec for pocket carry. I prefer the idea of carrying my normal G-30 or Snubnose .38 anyway.

I've been working my way through all the Harry Dresden novels as light reading for relaxation. At the same time, Steve Ambrose's 'The Pacific' about WWII history. Throw in a chapter or two of the odd Pratchett book, and the occasional Asimov foray.... and you have the reason I now own a Nook E-reader. I am reading a LOT more lately, and mostly for the simple reason that it's there with me. I can switch back and forth as mood strikes (I have always been able to do that, just never carried a stack of books with me!). So far there are 40-50 books on my nook, and another 400 or so on my PC waiting for me to look over (Thanks Jon!).

I wrote about the angst involved in buying myself something like the Nook. Sure am glad I overcame that issue!


Jay G said...

Which belly band did you have/order? I've been thinking of picking up one for my S&W model 38 and could use a recommendation.

Carteach0 said...

This time, a generic band from an E-bay vendor. I think they make their own, but I won't know till I get it. Galco makes a VERY nice one that looks worth the money, except they are backordered on my size (rotund).