Thursday, June 10, 2010


It's the penultimate day at school. Just two more.... and we are so close to having everything wrapped up this year. Somehow admin screwed up and left us with DAYS to do actual work. My partner and I took advantage, and dove into places not cleaned out or organized in years. Our lab is shiny, our material is organized, and our curriculum is up to the second and ready to go. It's really kind of scary, compared to the usual mad rush and insanity. We know it's the last time they will make such a mistake and let us work in peace, so we are really blowing out all the stops.

Speaking of blowing out..... I am beginning to hyperventilate over presenting at a conference later this month. Two one hour sessions... telling experienced tech instructors how to do something better. Me nervous? Naaa...... not hardly. AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa!

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