Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tagged by Lissa..... Bathroom reading meme

Lissa has done tagged me with a meme... a challenge to put a little bit of my life up for public review. Well... that's okay. I understand one of my roles in life is to provide an example to others. Sometimes a good one, sometimes a........

The story is this: What reading material is in YOUR bathroom?

For me... none, unless I carry it in... which I do right often. Being a recent purchaser of a Nook E-reader, I need do no more than lay hand to it and list some of my more recent reads. Seeing as how it's by my side 40% of the day, it's actually an easy task.

  • Small Favor, of the Harry Dresden series. I have read most of the series in the last few months, along with other stuff. It's light Summer reading, with good characters.
  • The Pacific, by Hugh Ambrose. I enjoy military history, and while this is a 30/70 mix of story and history, it's a good read and fills in some gaps in my knowledge of the Pacific theater during WWII.
  • Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett. Come on... it's PRATCHETT, man.... gotta have that.
  • End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov. Straight up hard core Asimov SciFi. Good science, great characters, and I have been a fan since I was a boy.
  • The Official Ubuntu Book by Benjimin Mako Hill. I R lernin, I R.

That be enough of that. I could go an hour listing books, and not get though just the ones close at hand.

Now, a Meme suggests I tag others, but I am aware of blogging reality. I read ten times more blogs, than people read mine. I can tag all I wish, but those folks most likely won't read it here. So...... tag yourself! We know up front, if you read here you are one of an elite few, and surely have an esoteric and fascinating list of recent reads... so go for it!


Lissa said...

I do most of my reading with my iPhone now -- almost all Kindle, though a few with the B&N Nook app -- but I still keep a couple hard copies in there. In case of emergency, or guests. :)

Anonymous said...

At last count there are 25 different Bathroom Reader books in my throne room. Plus whatever might be in hand at the moment.
Rey B

CalvinsMom said...

I did mine!

Borepatch said...

Ubuntu, baby!