Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ten reasons.............


I'm normally a very negative person, in many ways. My typical posts here are not uplifting, but complaining. That is not how I desire to live. So..... I have set myself a task. This post will be ten reasons why life is good, and I am lucky to live it.

  1. I am a teacher... and I love what I do. I change kids lives, and makes them better.
  2. There is a young woman who cares about me, and shows it every day.
  3. There is a young woman *I* care about, and allows me to show it every day.
  4. I live in a beautiful and comfortable home, in a beautiful place, with great neighbors.
  5. I'm almost 50, still alive, and healthy enough to do almost anything I want.
  6. I am blessed to be aware of my life, and paying attention to the world around me.
  7. Steak, beer, chocolate, and cheese. 'Nuff said about that.
  8. I need only look up, or out, to see beauty and wonderment. I am surrounded.
  9. There are good people in the world, and I have been blessed to meet quite a few of them.
  10. Great Sex. Have to include that one.
Okay.... that's what stands out in life right now Tell me your ten best reasons life is good... I issue it as a challenge. Calvin's Mom, Paul, Kelly, Crucis, Jean, Lissa, JayG, you all know who you are. Give it your best shot. The rest of you too...


Ambulance Driver said...

Hmmm... I'm cogitating on it.

Rev. Paul said...

Challenge accepted.

Everett said...

1 I'm not dead!
2 I'm not dead!
3 {'m not dead
4-10 Same as above!

wv: corie Yeah she is another one!

Jean said...

I've been pondering ever since you posted this. Right now is rough times. I'll get back to ya.