Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Does your chewing gum lose it's flavor?


Lately, the days seem to blend. Hot and sunny... Hot and rainy... Hot and cloudy.... we have any kind of day you wish, as long as you wish 'Hot' and something. The weather (climate?) seems to be proving the solar scientists correct.

Perhaps the weather is lending it's sway over how I feel lately... which is kinda of washed out. Failing better words, life seems to be a little flavorless right now.

Not bad... nothing like that. Just... no excitement, no depth of feeling, nothing to get caught up in. The days are.... mostly.... good. They are the kind of days that someone would long for, if they were having long strings of bad days. They are the kind of days *I* longed for, in the not so far gone past. Good days... but not exciting days.

I guess that's all there is to this funk; simple boredom.

I almost bought myself a brand new well used gun yesterday... except it didn't excite me. I could go on photo safari any day I wish, in some of the most beautiful land in the world.... I suppose. I could gather my best girl and go raise a glass (or ten) at the pub.... or not. The sweet corn is high and ready, and the best in the world.... just like last year, and the year before. There is a knotty issue with a THM400 I could go solve.... if I really cared to. I can do just about anything I wish with my days, as long it doesn't involve spending non-existent money.

It's all good.... in fact, it's all great.... and I am still bored like a small boy surrounded by wonderful toys. Old toys.... already played with toys.... dull toys.

There's no end of people who dream of being as fortunate as I am.

Sadly, today, I am not one of them.


Ted Amadeus said...

I think the weather is causing your mid-summer slump: If it's anything like here in the "zero tolerance" peoples' republic of Indiana, the humidity drains every ounce of interest and strength from you in about 30 sunny, sticky, clammy minutes and you appreciate the great indoors.

CalvinsMom said...

Want a small boy to train in the art of car maintenance and shooty stuff? I gots one who needs summer lessons!

(He packed his first set of bearings this weekend. We are so proud!)