Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey, I really mean it!


You folks who read this, the blog at the end of the universe... all six of you..... I hope you have a truly great holiday weekend. Whether it be feets up alone in the back yard with a lager and a novel, or buried in a crowd of friends at a pic-a-nic.... ya'll just a good one.

Depending on whether AlGore stopped playing enraged sex poodle long enough to install the intertubes where I'm going, there may or may not be updates from this author over the next few days. If not.... well.... then I'm just taking my own advice, so don't ya'll worry about me.


Crucis said...

Mrs Crucis and I are going on a day-trip to Chicken Annie's in Pittsburg, KS.

It's an excuse to get outta town. The Master's Closet is closed due to the Holiday weekend and neither has any commitments for Saturday.

Everett said...

Not to be a "nudge" but there is no such thing as a plain old "seagull". They all have another name in front of seagull. The one on the dock there is a Herring gull!
There now that I've started your weekend off on the wrong foot I'll go drown myself!

Have a great 3-4 days!