Saturday, July 3, 2010

Vacation breakfasts are the best breakfasts of all. Especially at the Garden and Sea Inn at Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Garden and Sea inn
. Two thumbs up, and a hearty recommendation as an excellent bed and breakfast. It's actually less expensive than the more decent local hotels, and the appointments are a step above. The couple that own the Inn have an attention to detail that is exceptional, and their efforts to make their guests welcome and comfortable are just as exceptional.

The Bed+Breakfast phenomenon is one I have never paid much attention to, although I will in the future. Rather than a huge faceless hotel entity with employee's who regard their day as 'work', and dealing with you as the downside of work, a Bed+Breakfast is owned by people who have their good name and fortune on the line. Not only do they have a vested interest in your happy stay, but anti-social people would not go into the business to start with.

All this came to me as I was relaxing with a good soak in a crystal clear pool, after a day biking around an island. The view was not a sterile concrete hotel parking lot, but carefully landscaped grounds around the garden house... where I could find a Fridge with drinks, fresh cookies, and excellent wine....all part of the package.

No two rooms in the Garden and Sea are the same, and ours is.... comfortable. From a massive king sized bed to the huge bathroom with whirlpool bath, it's luxurious. The main house is roughly three hundred years old, with all the character that implies, and few of the pitfalls. Quirks, there are, and enough to make it interesting. No long depressing hall past machine stamped hotel doors running to infinity, but a twisting and turning path past beautiful antiques and tasteful art into our own hall, and our own unique rooms.

The dining room, once a living room I suppose, carries a smooth charm the Inn's owners have installed along with the indirect lighting and antique sideboards.. Daylight streams in on perfectly set tables, where the Inn's guests gather for breakfast. Not a huge meal, dumped from #10 cans into warming trays over little cans of jellied gasoline, but food bordering on gourmet and prepared by someone who truly cares about what their name is attached to.

So... our first experience with a Bed and Breakfast, but it shall not be our last.

I worry though.... will others measure up when judged against the Garden and Sea Inn? Are we now spoiled by the quality of what we have encountered here?

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