Monday, July 5, 2010

Vacation at the Inn, in words and images.


Bed and Breakfast vacation.... is winning me over. I offer as example a few images of our meal last night, here at The Garden and Sea Inn.....

You may 'clicken to embiggen' if you wish, and if you dare. The entree was Surf and Turf, in this case crab cake and fillet Mignon, and all part of the regular dinner special on weekends. Readers may ask themselves.... "Why no photo's of the entree?" Well.... to be honest.... when faced with the plated ambrosia set before me, I failed in my duty. Simply put, I forgot the camera and was lost in savoring the flavors.

The 'crab cake' was nothing like normally found in a restaurant. The closest I can compare it to is what we do in our own kitchen, where filler is skimpy and prime crab meat rules the plate. Not overpowered with seasoning, the succulent chunks of crab meat carry the magic of the sea to your table.

The steak?... Spoken as one who loves a good steak, the offering from Garden and Sea was excellent. On par with what comes from our home kitchen, and several steps above most four star restaurants. Tender, flavorful, and most importantly: seared properly and not incinerated into steak oblivion.

Dessert... Panna Cotta. Simple, delicate, and understated, Panna Cotta is so often used as a canvas on which to paint bold flavors... and so seldom offered on it's own merits as at the inn.

After dinner, a drive to Guard Shore beach, to watch the sunset and search for stones. It's a rough way to vacation, I'll admit. But we are steeling ourselves to the task. Home again soon, but for now we enjoy every moment.

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