Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm BAAaaaaaack............

Howdy friends and neighbors..... It's me again, and I'm proud to announce...

I aint'nt dead yet!

We arrived home after a long weekend at the Garden and Sea Inn on Virginia's Eastern Shore. The first time at a B+B, but certainly won't be our last. Thomas and Dorothee, the Inn's owners, have
made a few new true believers. The stay was relaxing and peaceful, interrupted only by moments of delight over wonderful food and huge comfortable beds in updated Victorian splendor.

Nearing home, a phone call had me swinging past my favoritist-for-now gun shop to pick up a new arrival from ISSC. I recently reviewed one of their offerings over on the Carteach0 blog, and it seems they were pleased I didn't gut the thing like a lion after a wounded antelope. The latest product for review..... a M-22 rimfire Glock-like trainer, only in the 'Target' version. That means longer barrel, forward barrel mounted weight, and a ported barrel. Yes.... factory ported.... and will likely go retail near the $300-$325 p
rice break. You can BET this thing got 'back yard' tested as soon as I unwrapped it...... full review to follow.

First thoughts..... decent sights, zero muzzle rise, and pretty crappy trigger. Of course, it was a virgin, and might smooth out with a little tender care.

The week ahead.... fun stuff happening. An invite to spend a morning racing go-carts like a small child. You can bet that's a go, and I couldn't care less how hot it's going to be. The sweet taste of victory will override heat stroke every time. The other attendee's are all instructors... tech instructors... so the rivalry is likely to be intense.

Also up for bat, an opportunity to meet a local Inn owner, and explore his woodchuck problem. Close to home, there may be an excellent chance for some regular varmint hunting there.

Another gleeful note, today a gunsmith asked me "So you review firearms, huh? How about writing up a new varmint rifle I just built? I'll give you the rifle and fifty rounds to try it with....". You can imagine it took little time to make that decision. It helps that the man has been in business around here forever, and has earned his good name as a gunsmith.

On a physical note.... the hours at the gym paid off handsomely. Five miles biking around the shore islands in the grueling heat came off as nothing. Hardly even quickened the breath. It was so much fun we did it two days in a row, and princess kept the pace nicely herself. Going to keep up the gym thing.... feel better every time we go.

Enough of a me-update. I'll leave it at this simple statement: Life is GOOD.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Good to have you back!
Bed & breakfasts are awesome...Stayed at one on Mackinac Island last year. SO much more personable than a hotel, and the care they take of you is almost better than being at home.