Thursday, July 15, 2010

President of the UNITED States, or President of the Democratic Party?

In reading the news of the day, I perused an article describing Congressional Democrats (Nancy Pelosi) unhappiness with the Presidents press secretary. It seems he, in a rare outburst of honesty, let loose the opinion that Democrats may just lose a few seats in this upcoming election.

Never mind the fact that historically the party in power
always loses seats in a midterm election, and never mind the fact that all polls and indicators show a massive voter disgust with the folks presently in the drivers seat. No... never mind all that, as the image is far more important than the reality (Sayeth Nancy).

I saw something different in this article though, than the intended point, which was stated support by the President for his party. I read things like this:
"The president, vice president, first lady, Cabinet officers and senior staff have participated in 187 political events in the last 18 months, all with the intention of directly supporting (DEMOCRAT) candidates on the ballot in 2010 or building up the infrastructure of (DEMOCRAT) party committees," according to the memo provided by a Democratic official. "(Forty) more events are currently or tentatively scheduled and dozens more will be organized in the next few months."

And wondered to myself... Obama made HOW many appearances for his party friends? If he's spending this much time in traveling to Democratic political engagements, how much time does he have left for the business of the nation? It's almost like he cared more about his party than he does the country.....

Uh... Yo Dude.... we are paying you to be President of the UNITED STATES, and you spend all your time texting your buds and playing golf. Uh... Dude? That's kinda unkewl there.

"The White House plans to dispatch Obama across the country at least once a week between now and Nov. 2."

Hey... ah... Dude..... who's paying for all this? You are gonna spend a day or two a week traveling around on a private jet, drinking beer, and visiting your crew? That's gotta run up a heavy tab, man. You make... $250K a year? You are spilling that every week feeding them jet engines, man! Only people who whiz away cash like that are drug dealers and mob bosses........

Oh. Never mind. Forget I said anything.


Rev. Paul said...

He makes $400K/year, which is even MORE disgusting. And there ain't nothin' united about these States, these days.

Ted Amadeus said...

"Oh. Never mind. Forget I said anything."