Thursday, July 15, 2010

Losing track of the days.....


Summer can be like that sometimes. There is a lot to do, but very little has a completion date set to it. So far this week... I have managed to lose an entire day, several times. Hope I find that bugger, as the summer is passing by so fast.

Re yesterdays range time.... it didn't happen. '30% chance of thunderstorms' turned into 30% chance of pissing down, combined with 100% surety of rain the rest of the time. I imagine the range was morass of mud, but I didn't investigate myself. I expect to make up for that today, as the weather-guessers predict hot and clear for the day. Maybe they gutted a different brand of chicken to read a better sort of entrails.

Re Top Shot, the drama of the reality show, and Caleb's performance. It was shared that the contestants are pretty much stuck in that house when not actually shooting. No TV, no internet, no books, and no entertainment to keep their minds active. Only personal interactions to occupy their time.... for a month straight.... and always under multiple cameras. Add in a carefully chosen crew with hand picked folks like 'Adam', and sparks were sure to find tinder.

How did Caleb do? Under the circumstances, I doubt I would have done much different. He reports the show aired pretty much what was happening, and isn't a creature built in the editing room. Given that, and folks behavior on the show.... he did okay. Perhaps he was picked by the shows producers to be exactly what he is.... a fairly quiet and unassuming honest man, and almost sure to get misjudged and picked on by creeps like Adam. Caleb has asked that the animosity towards Adam be kept in check, so as not to damage the show and the decent people involved. I'll honor that, but I have to share one thought..... Adam bills himself as a former Marine, but he never mentions why they asked him to leave. Sure seems to be a lot of other Marines clearly asking what Core he was in, because it wasn't theirs.

Top Shot has sent a casting call for next season's party, and I considered applying... for a fleeting second or two. The reality to this reality show..... it demands it's contestants be able to give them a month, for free, in September and October. I'm a school teacher.... so that is a non-starter.

Re a return to jewelry making...... I forgot just how much I liked doing that. Yesterday I got lost on my own bench, and ended up with three new pieces. Two will be for sale, and the other to be kept personally. Not sure how they will be marketed, but I suspect it will be simple.... pictures on a blog site, a business card or two, and networking with friends. I did little more when I last made jewelry, and it all sold as fast as I could make it. Photos will appear here, in the near future.

Re the NAACP calling the Tea Party racist..... well.... it seems the NAACP leadership has just jumped the shark with this lame and bigoted political attack. It appears the general public reaction ranges from ho-hum to outright derision. Chris Muir sums it up nicely in his Day by Day cartoon....

As for Chris and his offerings..... it's that time again. He does his work and gives it away to all of us, gratis, but it costs money to live. I read his cartoons daily, and enjoy them, so I have kicked in $25 to the pot. Give it some thought..... us regular people need to stick together to defeat Socialism, and humor is the best way to highlight their flaws and fallacies.

As for me.... the sun is rising through the tree's, and the coffee pot is singing it's song of revitalized life. Ya'll have a fine day... and take care.


CalvinsMom said...

How depressing is this? In the last two days, I've gotten the academic calendars for my Uni, and both older kids.

School starts for me on Aug. 30, for the eldest on Sept. 8 and for the boy on Sept. 9.

Summer is flying by.

Chris Muir said...

Thank you for helping DBD,Carteacho!!