Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's going to be one of those days......


And one of those really GOOD days is what I mean (poor Engrish and all).

Today shall involve going to the range to try out a new pistol on the market, the ISSC M-22 target version. It's a ported .22 semi-auto built to resemble the Glock 17. Adjustable sights, ported barrel, and the 'extended slide' is really more like a barrel weight. If I can get past the mediocre trigger, it should be a real shooter.

Also today..... tool buying. A man's glory moment! I'm setting up to do silver-smithing again, and need a buff. That means... away with me to the tool store! (round of Hosanna's please).

Onto a more worldly topic.....

In the news, I read the NAACP has declared some people in the tea party to be racist.

Lets see here... the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is calling another group racist. A monochrome political organization that self identifies as dividing people by race and then helping the ones who have enough melanin to please them.

Allrighty then..... I'll get hot on that right quick..... just as soon as I reconcile the modern day bigoted self serving racists of the NAACP leadership with a REAL civil rights leader....

I have to wonder... would Dr. King be welcome at a modern day NAACP meeting, or would he be 'escorted' out into the waiting arms of the New Black Panthers? The NAACP leadership seems to have no problem with their message.

My feelings? I am a teacher, and I don't have time for the self serving racist declarations of the NAACP political hacks. Such garbage gets in the way of doing my job. Teaching my kids is hard enough, without some self declared racial 'leader' telling them to separate themselves from other people based on skin color. I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get them thinking past such ancient bigoted claptrap and onto subjects that will improve their lives.

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Crucis said...

Yep, the NAALCP is in town. Last week, one of the deputy chiefs of the KCPD said that jay-walking enforcement should be suspended for the duration at the convention. Huh!!!!!

He and other felt that enforcing some laws was somehow---racist.

OTOH, a rally to support the AZ Immigration law with Sheriff Joe Arpiano speaking was interrupted by a bomb-threat. The cops descended and found an unattended briefcase that was soaked by hoses. No bomb, though. The hispanic group La Raza (The Race) picketed outside and cheered when the bomb threat was announced so said some witnesses.

Yep, there are racists in KC. Most will be leaving in a few days.