Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Third day of school, and all is well..... so far.

We have most of our new crop of youngens planted. Lost one to the pale sweaty shakes, but I suspect he will be back. Another has made it known he made the wrong choice in coming to us, and he'll likely be leaving. Another two or three haven't shown at all..... and if they now they'll be walking in already behind, in the hole, and struggling. So be it.

That leaves about 45 young men for my partner and I to learn about.... and that's what is so exhausting. We spend all day with our 'feelers' stretched out full force, seeking to pick up on every word that matters, every action, and every clue these little angels give us. The littlest thing..... one asks for exactly the right kind of marker at exactly the right moment, revealing an active mind. Another turns his page a fraction behind the others... Can he read well? Yet another... and then this one... and the guy in the back.... and....... times 45, times 7 hours.

Yesterday I found myself smiling more than I have in the past month. It's GOOD to be back in the saddle.


CalvinsMom said...

Add in some beer and around of crikkin' and you're gold!

Ted Amadeus said...

Those kids are pretty lucky!