Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Personal rules, and breaking same....


Yesterday I did that... broke a personal rule. I offered advice and assistance to someone who didn't ask for it. Some years ago I tried to alter my own character by laying that guideline down.... "Unless someone asks for your opinion, just shut up". The very fact I have this blog should show how well it's working out.

The thing is.... I used to be much, much worse.

I was reading someones new Ad copy on a shooty product, and found it rife with phrases such as: "well, those missions just do not let well to one product."
I could not enforce my own rule on myself, in a moment of weakness, and offered to 'help' with a rewrite if desired.

Yup..... I spoke up when my opinion was not asked for, and I have nobody to blame but myself for my own stupid action. Everyone has a right to heaven, hell, or anything in between..... at their own choosing, and they also have a right to go there without me opening my big fat mouth about it.

Socrates was a smart guy who went around offering advice to people unasked. They poisoned him for it. I really need to remember that, his final lesson.

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