Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now, ain't that nice?

Pleasant discovery....

The Blackhawk tactical pants I favor (for most non-work wear) have lots of nice extras. Stretchy waistband, many, many, many pockets.... and things built into the pockets.

The cargo pockets on each leg have multiple elastic bands sewn into them. They'll hold flashlights, magazines, etc upright and oriented vertical. That's pretty kewl, as I usually dump both flashlight and magazines in those pockets.

The right front has a 'change' pocket sewn into the legward side (inside the pocket). I just discovered it makes a near perfect pocket holster for a Ruger LCP. The pistol slides comfortably into the pocket with it's trigger guard covered, and stays there.


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Ted Amadeus said...

I know you live in Pennsylvania and everything, but gather you're not a native: DUZ Y'ALL TAWLKS LIKH THIYIS?
Just curious...