Friday, October 22, 2010

Time to take back the media, as well as Congress

I was thinking a bit today, always a dangerous habit. Through the Taxpayer backed 'Tea Party', citizens are poised to take Congress back unto themselves.

Well.... it's time to take back the 'Media' as well. I am talking about the Major Media.... television, newspaper, cable... all the traditional sources of news and information. Sure, we have the alternative media sewn up, and very much in the hands of common citizens rather than liberal arts indoctrinated communications majors with single party connections and a serious disdain for the common person. Now it's time to move on.... and move the major media back into alignment with citizens interests.

The major media lives on.... MONEY. Money from advertisers. Advertisers who pay for exposure to potential customers. In other words.... the major media life blood is money given them by people who want US as customers. People who have no choice but to listen to.... US.

I challenge you, the reader, to do one simple act. Spend a few moments viewing what's aired on the most biased media outlet you can find locally, and take note of just one advertiser. Write to that advertiser via their website (They all have them) and explain your concern that their advertising dollars are going to people who oppose American values. Concerned enough to take that fact into account as you make buying decisions.

That's it. It's that simple. I don't think anything else is required to snatch the major media sources back from uber-biased operatives with clear political agendas. Dry up their life blood, and the media must lose the bias or lose their business's.

I began today, with this simple note:

I was directed today to the Lancaster Newspaper website to view an article. I am not a subscriber of the paper, and never will be as long as they have editors who describe themselves as "unrepentant anti-conservative" in their own on-line bios. At least they are honest enough to make clear their opposition to the viewpoints of the majority of the county's residents.

Seeing an ad on the Lancasteronline website for Stermer Brothers Stoves, I am somewhat taken back that such an old and established company in this county financially supports a newspaper which announces itself 'Anti' to most of it's customers values. I will take this into account as I consider where my money will be spent this year.

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Scott McCray said...

Man, you just keep nailing it, don't you? This is how Grassroots really works. Thank you!