Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What makes theTea Party different than the other parties?

Been thinking about this.

One thing that sets aside just about every self described Tea Party voter from every other group; They are all, each and every one, people who pay taxes and support society.... rather than folks who take from, use, depend on, and abuse society.

This is not to say the Demican and Republicrat parties are composed of the latter, but the Tea Party is almost 100% the former.

The 50% of US citizens who pay taxes and support society are waking up... and are paying attention. No wonder the politicians are scared to death.


Scott McCray said...

Thank you, sir - well put. My quote of the day.

Carteach0 said...

Thank you

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

If the TEA Party is actually something other than the foundations of "Neocons For Palin", your analysis is correct. OTOH, if 50 years of spiritualism-based socialistic brain-filthying through the pubic screw-ools and media has had as much effect as evidence suggests; if modern GOPhers and Donks are just the "right" and "left" sides of a growing kakostocracy; we're looking at the first stages of America's collapse.
I don't see the radical change of course we need coming to pass sans revolution.