Saturday, November 20, 2010

And so, the list was begun...... (updated)

"We want TSA to concentrate on the threat, and clearly the pilots are not the threat, we are the targets," said Mayer, whose union represents 11,500 American Airlines pilots.

Is what the newspaper article says. Now we have a class of people who will not be subject to inept, incompetent, and abusive TSA screening. After all, they are the freaking PILOTS for Cthulhu's sake! They don't have to take over the plane,
they already own it. If they want to crash it, they can just... well..... crash it.

Of course the pilots don't need to be searched. That's so bloody obvious everyone can figure it out all by themselves, except of course the TSA folks who dream this stuff up. To them... it was too difficult a notion.

Except... well.... as long as we are making a list of folks it would be silly to search before flying.... well..... maybe there are some other people who should be on the list.

Lets see... who else is there who doesn't really need to have their genitals publicly fondled as the price of boarding an airplane? How about.... oh.... Congressmen and Senators? Sure... they are entirely too famous and important to ever hijack an airplane. After all, they can hijack entire economies at will.

Well.... if the fine folks up at Con-gress don't need to be searched, then obviously their families are okay too. After all.... they would never do anything.... ah..... well...... just because.

Oh... really rich people too. They don't need to be searched, because obviously they could just rent or buy a plane if they wanted to crash it into something. Oh, and anyone who runs a big company too, for the same reason..... and any union bosses..... and......

And real soon now, we have us a list of special people. People who all these nasty radioactive pornscans and gropedowns don't apply to.

Oh boy. Our own 'leadership' class.

What could possibly go wrong.


Silly me. The list is already there, and naturally Senators and Congressmen are automatically on it, it appears.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Leave it to the minions of the socialist, egalitarian elite to rationalize "all are equal, but some are more 'equal' than others."