Saturday, November 20, 2010

Perhaps the big story laying beneath the surface of the TSA hullablaloo....

Coming across my news wire readers..... more and more TSA stories from the 'official' (ex) major media.

The thought occurs to me.... this story is driven 100% by individuals and alternative media like Glenn Reynolds and Hot Air. People are chiming in from all corners with their own stories of abuse while traveling. The ground swell was practically visible from space.... to everyone but the major media, who seemed to mostly ignore it till recently.

I think the TSA story is an indicator to how the future of 'news' is heading. In this age, everyone goes down to the local (internet) pub just about every day to swap stories. Dinosaur media can't print much of anything without being a day late and a dollar short. Worse, everything they mis-report is caught almost before they go to air/print, and held up for ridicule.

Our world has changed...... a lot.... and it really shows. In another era an agency like the TSA might have morphed into something truly terrible. In today's world, they are simply a laughingstock.

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