Saturday, November 6, 2010

I declare this to be a relaxing weekend. I need to heal up, and it's a great excuse to take it easy. I hurt. There's no reason to push it.

'Relaxing' may involve doing silver work at the bench. It might also involve borrowing the neighbors leaf blower and building a twelve foot high pile of leaves for the neighbor's kids to jump into. It might involve burning that leaf pile. Hopefully not while the kids are in it.

Beginning to nest for winter. The oil tank is filled, and wood is stacked in the drive. More wood is coming next week.... and welcome. The pantry has at least a few cases of wine in stock. I'll have to consider adding a case of decent whiskey to that supply. And beans. And rice. And coffee.

The last week or two, amongst the insanely busy days, I have been running into former students. Either they are dropping into school to visit, or I run into them socially. Every single one has been working, self supporting, and doing okay. People ask me why I do what I do.... why I bury so much of myself into it. I don't need any more reason that that.


CalvinsMom said...

Wood pile: assembled and stacked. I made a meat run and stocked the freezer with four months' of meat. I also hit the Amish store for dry goods (beans, lentils, peas, cornmeal, etc). The dehydrator left me with lots of dried soup veggies...

I need to lay in some alcohol, coffee and juice, and we're set.

Bring on winter or the zombopocalypse.

Carteach0 said...

Except for the shoveling, I think being snowed in is the kewlest way in the world to spend a few days. Could not care less if the power quits or not.

Bring it ON Winter, ya scurvy wimp ya!