Friday, December 3, 2010

and then there was..... 'The Grinch'.

Let us see..... elderly, lived alone far out of town, just wanted to be left alone in peace. Yup...a classic victim for amoral, self centered, and demanding people to prey upon.

The Grinch.... someone a little different, and someone who had been hounded for that difference all his life. As a result, he withdrew from society... moving far up into the hills away from the hateful jibes of what could have been a loving community. Who among us hasn't wished at least once to be far away from the meanness that comes with daily life among people?

Is the poor Grinch to be allowed his peace? Why... no.... he's not. The vicious Who's in their disdain for even the land itself dump their trash on the Grinch's refuge, and destroy what little peace remains with horrible sound pollution too.

Taken as a whole, is the poor Grinch's reaction really surprising? Even then, as he struggles to wage a lone battle for peace in his life, even then he carefully harms no one, not even the horrible little Cindy Who.

Yes, Cindy Who, the prying, meddling, who-do-gooder who inserts herself into the Grinch's life with not a thought towards his feelings or rights. Simply to feed her own self satisfied smugness, she hunts him down, right to the door of his own home, demanding he give up what small peace he has attained. Despicable.

Yes, The Grinch, a poor battered old soul who only wanted to be left alone after a lifetime of pain and derision poured on him as a social outcast by uncaring and cruel Who's.

It's a wonder he didn't burn Who'ville to the ground.

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