Monday, December 13, 2010

Election Bingo!

The thought occurred to me this morning...

It's only two more years till the next major election (I know... cringe away....). We know who the Democrats will run for president, and we know the Republicans will shove some warm body up there too.

The thing is... no matter who the Republicans put into the race, I think we will see the same attack campaign from the Democrats and their media friends... and since these people have very little imagination, we should be able to predict what they will say about the Republican candidate, no matter who it is.

I think it's time for Attack Ad Bingo!

Lets make up some bingo cards with attack phrases and concepts in the blocks. As we hear the mind wiped media go down their approved attack list, we can check them off as we go. Why not have some fun with it? Two years away and they are already warming up their mud slinging to what will be unheard of levels... so lets figure them out first and make up the cards!

Chime in.... help chose the attacks the Democrats will use.... and I'll make it up as a PDF doc we can print out for the election cycle. I'll donate a prize for the first person who can yell "Attack Ad Bingo!".

  • He/she is stupid (no matter who they are)
  • The candidate is indecisive (Once used creamer in their coffee instead of taking it black)
  • The candidate is racist (Drinks black coffee)
  • ?????
Help add to the list!


Everett said...

He is a racissst! He only eats white bread and white sugar!

Doesn't believe in immigration legal or otherwise, but still goes to eat at the Mexican restaurant!

Fred said...

The candidate wants your children to starve.

The candidate is in the "back pocket" (must use that exact phrase to count) of Big (insert special interest here).

This is really a money making idea!

PRH....... said...

GOP persons will be: Stupid, non-enlightened, racist, wants to kill old people, starve kids, hates muslims, is a far right Christian zealot, goes on and on, with Chris Matthews, Keith Oldblowaman, and Rachel Madcow, running interference for Obummer and Company.