Monday, December 13, 2010

Puter viri ......

I went into school early today... earlier than usual... to get a head start on the days shoveling.

When I arrived, I found my computer locked up, displaying a memory error warning. It took several hard boots to get it even a little alive, and what I found was not pretty. A call to I.T., an hours scanning, and some very, very nasty viri showed themselves.

By the end of the day it was operational, but it revealed another issue. In trying to track the source, I.T. gave me logs for my desktop, as well as some other data. Careful review of my computers internet logging showed it to have had a long and interesting bit of lifestyle going on..... AFTER I left school on Friday.

I changed passwords, changed routines, and would have alerted administration.... if there had been anyone around to talk with.

Meanwhile I have 787 pages of internet logs to browse, hoping to find some clues.

I will find him.... I know that. I always win. :-)


Bryn, North Wales, UK said...

Looking forward with interest to your follow up on this one; the sort of misuse you allude to would be grounds for immediate dismissal in any company I've worked for over this side of the pond.
The logs will give you a clue, but access to your PC after hours would seem to be the main issue? Any surveillance tapes available for access control to your building/office at the times in question? Who has keys?
I like playing detective!

Carteach0 said...

The plot thins....

While scanning, I found a hidden hijack malware tucked away. It was sending the browser to some very interesting sites.

I suspect I walked away Friday afternoon with my computer locked, but the browser open, and this malware took a nice romp around some crappy sites.

Meanwhile, I am hunting the bugger down on my hard drive, and/or IT is.

The bright side, IT loaded a double shot of memory into the box, which I have been asking for since a year ago.