Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A few words to our friends in Congress....

Next month federal taxes are going up for just about everyone who pays taxes. It's a tax increase, and a big one. The bulk of the tax increase will be born by those who usually pay the most taxes anyway..... small family business's. As has happened with every single tax increase there has ever been, the economy will suffer and people will lose jobs because of it.

The thing is..... the political scum we have in Congress don't have the balls to even call this a tax increase. They say they are 'Letting the Bush tax cuts expire'.

Let me be succinct here: My taxes are going UP, and it's a TAX HIKE, and as a result I will work to get every stinking congressmen and senator out of office as soon as possible. I don't care what your party is. I don't care how you stand on any other issue. YOU ARE RAISING MY TAXES.... and out you go.

Your BS line of 'taxing the rich' is full of just that... BS, for you neglect to mention you regard 'rich' as anyone who has a penny left after all the other taxes we pay.

I have had my fill of freakish political creatures such as
you standing over my financially beaten body like vultures, squawking and fighting over who gets to rip off the last few chunks of flesh.

I hope I was clear enough.


Everett said...

I would say that you covered the feelings of most of us in this country who do pay taxes. I'm retired Navy and LPG gas dealer but between the wife and I we manage to clear the 150,000 just barely, so now I am going to have to give another $5400 over last years assessment too those crooked bastards down there!

Can I help with cleaning out the refuse in the Capitol? I have lots of guns and ammo!!

WV: scerd Thats what I am along withterrified!

CalvinsMom said...

Our taxes are going up. Heathcare premiums are going up, as are co-pays. Husband's salary is being frozen.

Those assholes in DC keep telling us we're in a recovery.

I'm ready for pitchforks and tar now.