Saturday, December 18, 2010

Randomosity, Saturday morning version....

  • Last night was the Friday evening I needed. An old fashioned pub, with excellent beer and pub food. A good cheeseburger and chips, followed by more lager... cigars... and a big table full of friendly people having a good time with each other. At the end of the evening, hugs from all the ladies and the best of them in the passenger seat on the way home.
  • This weekend I'd like to come up with a way to video shotgun recoil that shows the difference in various types of ammunition. I'm thinking a background marked off in some regulated way, and strings hanging upon which the shooter must touch to maintain an even stance through all the testing. We shall see how it goes!
  • In the fridge, a dozen fresh eggs. These are not from any store. They are brown, and no two are of the same size. There may be a few bits of fluff and stuff attached here and there as well. These are from a friends free range chickens, and promise to become the best plate of fried eggs I have had in a year.
  • School..... we have just a few days next week, and then we are off till the third! I am SOOOOO ready for this break! Every day still finds me laughing at my pile of puppies (students to you) but sometimes long term exhaustion tinges my patience. All teachers get that, I think. It comes from beating your head against the wall some young people erect around their minds. Nothing in, nothing out.
  • The students..... Oh Man..... I wish I could tell some stories there. I'd love to, but some one will find this blog one day, and then I'd be in deep trouble. Let me just say, I have seen the heights of excellent human nature available in today's young men, and also the depths of amoral self centered vileness. I can pick their future political parties already......
  • To do list for the weekend: Stack a weeks worth of wood on the porch, Design the recoil stage and shoot up some ammo, Do my share of house cleaning, Build some jewelry... I have a few thoughts towards copper/silver bracelets and medieval catches, Relax.... a lot.

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