Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well.... that was unexpected. In my e-mail, a note asking what I might enjoy as a Christmas gift. That is a real switch, somebody asking me that.

Okay, I'll play.

First and mostess, I'd like to wake up the 26th and find out I missed the whole ordeal, and I had a week off to relax and recharge. (I expect to get at least half that wish).

Secondus..... perhaps a few gallons of good honey, so I can start a carboy of mead to ferment.

Thirdus..... nothing else I can think of.

My wants have become mostly plebeian and small. The 'things' I'd like to have but don't, I can live without and not stress it. A reliable vehicle, a really nice camera body.... just stuff I can work around. Everything else? I'm fine, life is good, and excellent Whiskey really is not that expensive.

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