Thursday, December 9, 2010

There oughta be a law..... an exercise in fantasy

Have you ever played that fantasy in your head.... If I had XXX money, I would do xxxxx?

I think such fantasy mind games are a human trait. I've run into very few people who won't admit to having those thoughts.

How about another one... another fantasy... where the American people get to make up laws of their own, without politicians getting in the middle? That might be a fun fantasy game to play, even though we would be far more likely to win the lottery than actually change how politicians operate.

There oughta be a law......

That all elected government officials and all treasury department agents have to do their own taxes, without help. They get the forms, a PEN, and half an hour. Any that get it wrong, or don't complete them on time are summarily fired on the spot. Lets see how long it takes to fix the tax code then.

I think all congressmen and senators should get paid the median family income for their district. No COLA, no raise, no expense account. If they want more money, they have to take their constituents along with them. Give them a cheap compact car and military dorm housing while in DC, but no expense account.

I think administrators at VA hospitals should be required to live in their own hospital one week of every month. Eat the standard food, use the standard bed and standard linens.... and never the same room from one time to the next.

I think anyone who wants to be a school board member should be required to (a) be a parent and (b) spend at least 200 hours in a classroom first.

I think we need a mandatory 'None of the above' option on all election ballots, and if it gets more than 25% of the vote, those candidates are all out and we start over with a new batch. Maybe our entrenched political parties will look a little harder for somebody decent to run for office then.

I think the best living conditions in any prison should be directly comparable to the worst living conditions our soldiers live with at that time. If we have soldiers sleeping in cold tents and eating out of cans, that's good enough.

Come on folks.... play the game. What's YOUR 'There oughta be a law...."?


Bob said...

Congress shall not be exempt from laws made by Congress.

Congressional pay raises shall be no higher than those paid to other federal employees.

All bills proposed by the House of Representatives or Senate shall be no longer than one page in length when in final form and shall be in easily understandable English.

English shall be the official language of the United States of America.

The following limits shall be set to elective office: Congress: four terms of two years. Senate: Two terms of six years. President: Two terms of four years. (Constitutional amendment required for this).

That'll do for a start.

Bob S. said...

That all TSA employees and administrators have to undergo the highest level of scrutiny that passengers must endure -- every time they enter their building.

Don't want to have "enhanced pat down" every day, don't make passengers get it.

Don't want your fellow employees seeing your body in an A.I.T. scanner, don't make us go through it.

Every day, every entry, every employee. No exceptions.

Crucis said...

IIRC, Nevada already has "None of the above" on their ballots. I seem to have heard it got a significant number of votes last month.

A few years ago, I think it was after the '94 election, a number of new 'Pubs shared apartments in DC. One rep per bedroom, the rest of the apartment was commonly shared. IIRC, John Kashich(sp?) was one such.

Roger said...

Any public servant, politician, etc. convicted of corruption or betrayal of public trust must be sentenced to a minimum of 10 years hard time. No possibility of parole, no reductions of sentence for any reason whatsoever.
The 10 years to be served in a cell with Bubba the 300 lb pervert that will do to the corrupt one what the corrupt one did to the public.
The convicted corrupt one must forfeit all retirement, all benefits, and any funds received from his or her corrupt activities.