Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Discussing tax increases.... OR..... Why some of my friends won't talk to me anymore

So.... one political party wants a tax increase on 'The Wealthy' and the other doesn't want a tax increase on anyone at all. This situation, of course, generates discussion. On rare occasion, logic and facts intrude.... and then some folks get all huffy and stop wanting to talk about it.

He he he............ tough.

Regarding a tax increase to soak 'The Wealthy', in order to make them pay 'Their Fair Share'.... I have a few thoughts. To be more precise, I have a few questions...

When is it right for a 'State' (read that as government) to do that which is wrong for an individual to do? Is it ever?

In illustration, a scenario:

Down the road from my home there is a house. It's a very large house, up on the hill, and looks very, very expensive. In fact, I am certain the landscaping alone cost more than the entire house I live in.

Since the people who own that home clearly have assets orders of magnitude greater than I, would it be acceptable for me to go to their door with a gun and take some of their stuff? Just to... you know... share the wealth a little?

How about... I get all the neighbors together and we take a vote on it, and maybe we all decide to send a few guys with guns to take some of the rich folks stuff away? After all... they clearly have so much more than the rest of us.....

How about... we get ALL the people together that are willing, and vote us in a Government, and we get them to vote on taking away the rich peoples stuff at gunpoint? Would that be okay? I promise we'll use what we take to pay for medicine for poor sick children... promise and cross my heart.... really.... honest.

At what point does it turn from armed robbery into 'taxing the wealthy so they pay their fair share'?

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Ted Amadeus said...


Kept getting nothing when I posed the question on FaceBook about, If tax rates stay the same next year as they are now, how does that become a "tax break for the rich"?
Math is hard, I guess!