Tuesday, December 28, 2010

You really want me to shut up and go away?

(rant on)

A serious pet peeve of mine.... Someone who won't allow me to finish a sentence. Someone who talks right over me, correcting what I have said before I even say it. Someone who makes it clear that whatever I was going to say.... is not worth listening to.

You want me to shut up, stop talking with you, and go away? Easy enough..... just don't let me finish a sentence without speaking over me, and I'll be on my silent way sooner than you can believe.

(rant off)


Crucis said...

BTDT. Did it to a former boss once. Was in a meeting and as I tried to give my report, he keeping finishing my sentences. Finally, I just got up, said, "It's apparent I'm not needed here," and walked out---in front of three managers and two VPs.

Didn't make me favorable with my boss, but next layoff, he went and I stayed. Seems manager-level engineers have an audience too.

Everett said...

Jeez, I've got one of those too! Trouble is she is my wife's best friend, so I just grin and bear it after turning my hearing aid OFF !