Sunday, February 27, 2011

Government, bought and paid for.... by the unions. Putting dollars to that claim.

American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees$43,477,36198%

Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers$33,056,21697%

Laborers Union$30,292,05092%

Teamsters Union$29,319,98293%

Carpenters & Joiners Union$29,265,80889%

Service Employees International Union$29,140,23295%

American Federation of Teachers$28,733,99198%

Communications Workers of America$28,376,30698%

United Auto Workers$27,134,25298%

Machinists & Aerospace Workers Union$26,229,47798%

United Food & Commercial Workers Union$25,226,73398%

National Assn of Letter Carriers$20,943,43488%


Sheet Metal Workers Union$18,111,31397%

International Assn of Fire Fighters$17,731,99381%

Plumbers & Pipefitters Union$17,635,97694%

Operating Engineers Union$17,122,18585%

Air Line Pilots Assn$16,586,69784%

United Steelworkers$14,677,90199%

United Transportation Union$14,475,01088%

Ironworkers Union$14,142,97592%

American Postal Workers Union$13,312,67395%

National Air Traffic Controllers Assn$11,630,98880%

Natl Active & Retired Fed Employees Assn $11,265,50077%

Transport Workers Union $8,994,64995%

Amalgamated Transit Union $7,776,91893%

National Education Assn$32,024,61093%

This comes via Peter, although I chose to copy/paste the information from differently to make my point.

The information is presented thus: The amount of money the unions (or 'associations') paid in political contribution over the last decade, and the percentage of it that went to the Democratic party.

That is over HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in ten years.

I wonder what they bought with $500,000,000 of their members dues money?

Disclaimer: I am a dues paying union member. I will say this.... I disagree with 95% of what my union does with my money, not that they have ever cared to ask my opinion once in the last ten years. Then again, they don't have to ask me, as I am a member whether I want to be or not, as long as I hold my current job.


suz said...

Workers need some sort of cohesive organization to protect them from their unions.

Old NFO said...

Closed shops tend to do that... sigh...

Tam said...

LLOL @ suz! :D

og said...

The Federal Government. A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Trade Union.

Secesh said...

This is why every state needs to be a "right to work" state. We hsve to break the power of the unions.