Sunday, April 24, 2011

A morning fire.....

I have heard the Inuit have many names for snow, because in their world there are many kinds of snow, and it's important.

I think there should be different names for the warmth of a wood stove alive with fire. Clearly, the heat on a bitterly cold winter night is not the same as a cheerful little fire that welcomes guests on a cool evening.

And then... this mornings fire. The one enjoyed with a mug of fresh coffee in hand, and this computer in my lap. The dancing fire that just begins to roar, hissing into life, driving back the chill air and dampness of a nights rain. The heat of the fire that says "I am a man, and today *I* control my environment enough to be comfortable and happy".

Now, the sun comes through the clouds and the whole sky begins to light up, as if in answering note to the fire in my living room stove.

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suz said...

Then again, too may words might take away from the mystery. Fire's not magical, but it looks like it could be.