Monday, April 25, 2011

What would it take to get you really, really mad?

Suppose someone tried to enslave you at gunpoint..... how would that work out for you?

No? Wouldn't like that? Of course not. Somebody stealing your labor, your time, and forcing you to work for them while they kept the wealth created by your labor.... that would be wrong.

Lets talk about this thought.

First, the definition of a few terms, that we might be on the same page as we discuss this.

  • Wealth: Value created by the production of goods or services, or the value of possessions.
  • Money: Tokens we accept in trade for our labors, investments, or property and used to trade with others for their own labor or property. We use money as a storehouse of wealth.
  • Slavery: A situation where someone takes the wealth produced by another through force, without compensation. In it's simplest form, a slave works a farm field without pay and the master keeps the crop produced. The only difference between armed robbery and slavery is one of duration.

Okay, with me on those?

Here goes.... Now, you probably have a job, or do something to bring income...well... in. For most people, that means trading their time, labor, and talent for 'money' (See 'Tokens' above). This time, labor, or talent is used on someone else's behalf. It's gone from you.... at least the time and labor part is. You are not getting it back.

Your time and/or labor is a form of wealth you have expended. In exchange, you likely receive 'money', in the form of a paycheck or perhaps 'cash'. Here in the United States, that means Dollars.

Lets go ahead and pick a number.... your hourly wage.... out of a hat. Say, $10 an hour. A nice round number. Lets also say you worked ten hours, and got paid for it in cash. No taxes, no deductions, lets keep this real simple. You give up ten hours of your life, and you get $100 in exchange.

With me so far?

Now, that ten hours has a set value, just like the work you did during it. It's WORTH something. How about the $100 you got in exchange for it? What is that worth?

Today, that $100 in cash might buy you a tank of gas and enough groceries to last your family four days.... if you are frugal and a careful shopper.

Tomorrow.... ah, tomorrow. What will that $100 be worth tomorrow? That depends entirely on the folks running the printing press where that $100 was made. You see, if they print off another $100 to match your $100.... your $100 suddenly dropped in value by half, as there is now $200 chasing the same tank of gas, and the same few bags of groceries.

Your 'money', your 'cash', your 'tokens' just became worth half as much as the day before.... but you will never, ever, get back the time you spent earning that $100. That wealth you traded away is gone to someone else now.

Half your 'wealth' was just taken away. Wealth.... as in the time you spent earning the cash. Your labor was just.... taken.... without a whisper of thanks to you, let alone compensation. Your employer didn't steal it away from you. Your family didn't steal it away from you. Some big corporation didn't steal it from you. An armed thief kicking in your door didn't steal it away from you... but it's gone nonetheless.

An anonymous hand on a printing press, someplace far away..... they just stole your wealth away... simply by printing off some more tokens we call 'money'... and making the cash in your pocket worth less with every dollar they print. The money they print is nothing but paper.... valuable paper, but only by sucking value out of all the money already out there, as if by magic. Black magic.

That is called inflation. It's also called slavery... when 'someone' steals away your time, your labor, and your wealth without your consent or compensation.

Who is that someone? Who is the slaver holding the reins on your life, like a mule driver whipping a team of beasts?

That 'someone'.... is the people running the presses, and those who command them.

Do you have ANY... IDEA... AT... ALL... how much money has been printed in the last two years? How much WEALTH has been stolen from your pocket with you barely even noticing?

Welcome to slavery.

How do you like it?


Rev. Paul said...

If this situation doesn't anger the American people, then I'm not sure they any longer qualify for that description.

Crucis said...

The hand on the money press isn't anonymous. The name of that person is Ben Bernacke, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank.

Their "Quantative Easing" is buy US bond with money they printed. In short it puts more money in circulation---that's called inflation where you have have more money in circulation but no linked increase in goods and services.

Just like Carteach0 said but on a national scale.

Ted Amadeus said...

Ask the BanKhazars, Soros & Rockefeller: They've been the REAL rulers of this country for the last decade, and their grandfathers built the fiat currency Ponzi scam by which they live off everybody else thanklessly and thoughtlessly.
The two worthless classes of any society are the Old-Money Filthy-Rich and the abject poor, because - thanks to Kantian altruism - they BOTH freeload off the creators and producers.