Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A teacher union meeting after work today. Three hours to do business and review the contract proposal by the new administration.

Look... I am NOT a big union fan.

You know where this is going... don't you?

The administration opened our contract, we didn't. Their proposal amounts to a brand new kingdom, with an actual king.

the ability to order instructors to work for free, outside contracted hours, at an administrators whim, as long as they wish, without notice.

Think.... A requirement that we allow one special administrator to approve any courses or training we take, what college we attend, what credits we seek, and the path of our personal education.

Those are a few highlights. I suppose this is why we have a union.
Perhaps this explains why we have lost 25 people in the last two years... more than the last ten years combined.

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Ted Amadeus said...

Sounds like your "union" is owned by the administrators if they are laying down like Paris Hilton in front of a camcorder for this.