Saturday, June 25, 2011

The face of Islam....

This morning, as I read yet another article about yet another radical Islamic suicide bombing, this time a hospital..... which by the way is about as low and cowardly as a person can get. Right down there with a gang (uniformed or not) beating up some unarmed kid.

Anyway.... I was reading this article, and thinking to myself "There is the face of Islam, for all the world to see. They murder sick people in a hospital for fun and the Prophet". One of the other voices in my head responded with "But they are Radical Islam, and not part of the main faith"..... and then another voice in my head said "Yea, but none of the other Muslims out there are doing a damn thing about it, and that is the same as accepting it as part of their path in life".

As long as this entertaining internal dialog was going on, I just sat back, sipping coffee and listening to the voices argue.

The first voice said "Yes, if the Muslim world does not rise up and do something about the violent assholes blowing up hospitals and churches in their name, then they are part of the problem". Voice number three chimed in early with "Sure. You'd never see the Christian community putting up with this kind of sick behavior from someone claiming to be part of their faith....."

Whereupon I interrupted the voices to make a point. When did the organized Christian faiths get together and do something about those disgusting low life's of the Westboro Baptist Church? Hmmm?

No double standard here. If the Muslim faith is reduced to filth by the actions of the violent radicals raised in their name, then the Christian faiths are just as represented by the actions of the 'church' they permit to exist within their fold, the Westboro Baptist Church.


Suz said...

Quite a revelation. Christians look at the Muslims and we say, "Oh, how awful!" It's pretty rare when we say, "That could be us. That has been us, and to a degree, that IS us."

Sadly, regarding Westboro, there's not much Christians can say about it. Phelps' views are too similar to those promoted by the leaders of mainstream Christianity. He's just more vulgar and less compassionate about it.
Dosen't it sound just awful when he says that crap out loud?

Crucis said...

Westboro BC is no church. It's a family business that operates on funds gathered by suing people and organizations to attempt to block them.

Westboro is no more Christian that the Mafia is a philanthropic organization.

Beside shunning, what can the other Christian churches do? They've already protested Westboro's operations and doctrine. They belong to no Baptist organizations although they retain the name. Their so-called church in a cinder-block building surrounded by razor-wire.

They are a church in name only.

Carteach0 said...

What would we expect peaceful Muslims to do about the violent radical low life's who kill people in the name of Allah?

Shun them, report them, refuse them service, refuse to do business with them, repudiate them loudly and often.

None of this is done, to either violent $#@holes who murder in the name of their prophet, nor to the vicious scum who make up the 'Westboro Baptist Church'.

Bygdawg said...

The fundamental difference between the actions of Muslim extremists and the actions of these "churches" like Westboro is very important. Muslim extremists are devout followers of the Koran. Meaning they are living the teachings of the Koran to fullest of their ability. These churches however are violating the message and teachings of the Bible in the actions which they carryout.

Anonymous said...

Being giant assholes is the same thing as blowing people to bits?

Give me a break.

If the WBC idiots started suicide bombing do you honestly think normal people would not help to get them taken down?