Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Many evenings, I enjoy a cool glass of decent bourbon. I also relish a good cigar at the same time. The tastes seem to go well.

I do not do a good job maintaining my humidors humidity level, and sometimes my cigars are just a little lower in moisture than I like.

So... I have taken to dipping my finger in the bourbon and brushing it on the cigar, all over and evenly. I then set it aside till it's well absorbed through the wrapper.

Since I began doing so, I find my cigars better.. far better.. than ever. They burn well, last longer, and taste wonderful.



Old NFO said...

Not a bad idea :-) I like using rum myself!

Crucis said...

Back some time ago when I smoked a pipe, I would put apple, peach or pear slices in my humidor. Perked up the taste a bit too.