Friday, July 1, 2011

Breakfast food: Bacon, egg and cheese burrito.... a pictorial recipe.


Breakfast yums on the easy. Bacon, egg and cheese burritos with salsa. Simple flavors that combine in a delightful way to greet the morning. This recipe will show how, step by step and picture by picture.


Begin with a good slab bacon. Peppered if that's to taste, or any of the various smoked varieties. Avoid the cheap bacon for this recipe. It will work... but quality really shows up here.

Choose a slice for each burrito, plus one or two extra. Slice them in two, and arrange in a medium hot cast iron skillet.

Cook till mostly done, and flip once with a fork. Have a plate ready with a few paper towels on it to soak up extra bacon grease (if you believe such a thing is possible).

Once the bacon is pulled from the pan, leave all that bacony goodness right there in the pan. Turn the heat down to low, and pour in the scrambled eggs. Use one large egg per burrito, gently scrambled with some kosher salt. Don't add milk, or anything else. Just good fresh eggs.

Don't mix the eggs in the pan, just let them set up without scrambling any more. You want the eggses to cook in the bacon grease, but not absorb a lot of it. Take the time to grind on a bunch of fresh black pepper. Go ahead... hit it strong. This dish is all about flavor.

Like making an omelet, turn the eggs over onto themselves just once. Turn the heat off and the eggs will finish as you build the burritos.

On a tortilla of your choice (I did plain flour tortillas this time) spoon out a good hefty dollop of medium spicy chunky salsa. Go with heat to your pleasure, but I like the slight bite of the medium salsa on a breakfast dish.

Next, a line of shredded cheese joins the salsa. Again, your choice in cheese. I use the bagged 'Mexican' shredded cheese, a staple in our home.

Now, two of the bacon half slices per burrito. There should be some bacon left over. If you don't know what to do with that extra bacon, stop reading my blog and never return. No hard feelings, but we are not from the same planet.

Now the eggs. Slice the scrambled eggs in equal portions for each burrito and lay a slice in each one. Roll the burrito..... and serve.

Easy, no?

Tasty? YES!


Stephen said...

Now this I can do, thanks, I'm hungry now.

Old NFO said...

Nice! And it's quick and you can eat it on the way to work!