Sunday, August 7, 2011

8mm Mauser earrings...... Egads!


So, I was thinking...

I've been making some earrings the last few days, using Barnes X rifle bullets. The X line is made from a solid copper alloy, so no lead. They look kind of cute, and the women I showed them to seemed to approve.

The thing is... they are a bit heavy. Not too heavy, and not for everyone, but I was certain that lighter would be better.

This is where the thinking part comes in....

I took a few pulled bullets from 1950's Yugoslavian 8x57mm ammunition, and carefully applied the jewelers torch. Moments later I was pouring the lead center of the bullet right out of the open base on the jacket.

Suddenly the heavy bullet turned into a lightweight copper jacket, and soon after.... became a pair of earrings.

I'll keep working with the idea, but these are coming out pretty kewl.

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